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Integrate biomarker insights into your app.

RookMotion collects data from all wearables, generates data-driven recommendations and embeds these capabilities into health and wellness apps in order to create a customized and engaging user experience.

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Expand your app’s capabilities and offer your users a customized, interactive and motivating experience

3 out of 5 people are currently using wearables in order to improve their habits.
Is your app ready to receive data from all sorts of devices and generate actionable insights?

That’s what our API does.

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Integrate smartwatches and wearables
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Real-time performance & biomarker metrics
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Access to Apple Health and Google Fit data
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Data-Driven Solutions
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Integrate heart rate monitors
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Personalized scores & reports
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Our solution allows you to connect your app in a direct way to all these and many more devices and data sources with one simple integration.

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Our Benefits

Integrate our tech to your fitness app and take your user’s experience
to a whole new level of customization and engagement.

That’s what our API does.

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All-in-one integration of wearables and monitoring devices

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Optimized and customized user experience

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Generate data-driven
insights and recommendations

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New level of engagement

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How it works?

A powerful, yet seamless integration.

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Integrate your app with the RookMotion API

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Receive structured and relevant biometric data 

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Create actionable insights for your users

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One API.
Endless possibilities.

Here are some examples of how you can achieve more with your app in combination with our tech.

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Biomedical engineering at its best

  • Our founders are biomedical engineers with years of experience in medical devices and designing hardware-software integrations for for fitness, wellness & health applications.

  • We have a multi-disciplinary team with deep knowledge of software engineering, data processing and creation of algorithms to interpret the data. 

Best coverage

We support all the integrations with all the major wearable providers. We are also creating custom integrations, and add more on a daily basis.

For developers, by developers

Our API and SDKs make it fast and easy to build great products and services. Our documentations are written by developers.

Security by design

All data we store is anonymized by default and stored on servers of Amazon Web Services. You have full control over the data, while we comply with the highest standards of data protection.

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Trusted by leading Fitness, Wellness and Health providers.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Let's unlock human performance together

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